Yvette de Ryk

About This Project

People often wait until January 1st to initiate resolutions; however, I was determined to start 2013, my 50th year, in the best shape of my life. Well, at least my life since my twenties!

"Therefore, my fitness journey began shortly after Labor Day with Women’s Bootcamp, and it ramped up significantly when I signed on for the 90 Day Challenge. I’m proud to say 30 pounds later (maybe lighter is a better word!) and almost a month after the challenge ended, it hasn’t slowed down one bit. I’m stronger and more energized and continue to look forward to harder and more challenging workouts each and every day.

I remember my first day: 15 minute in and I was thinking, “What have I signed up for here? This is just the warm-up, and I’m dying!” I thought I was in pretty good shape when I started since I’d been working out at home daily for several weeks, but I clearly wasn’t challenging myself in a way that would ultimately produce the results the Bootcamp classes have.

" I was committed to changing my body so I pushed through each workout, challenging myself physically at the studio and at home with a whole new nutrition plan.
I made daily goals and focused on how I felt the next day after committingto demanding workouts and strict calorie/carbohydrate guidelines. The results were immediate and significant and they inspired me to work even harder.


I need to clarify a few things. I walked into Women’s Bootcamp prepared to join on a trial basis. I received a coupon for a number of sessions, and expected to attend for those sessions only and potentially move on to another gym if this one didn’t meet my expectations. My criteria for both trainers and their classes are extremely high, as I spent 17 years employed in the fitness industry as both an instructor and a personal trainer. Well, here it is, four months later, and I continue my 5-6 days/week workouts.

"Joe and his staff push me to my cardio/muscular limits with not only a positive approach, but they have fostered camaraderie among the members not often found in such a visually competitive business.

Now that I’ve reached my initial fitness goal it’s more important than ever to continue working out with unwavering determination.

"Why you ask? Because real fitness isn’t about what the numbers indicate on scales or charts, but the individual’s mental image of their own personal goals fulfilled. And of course the maintenance of those goals. This is what keeps me continually setting new ones and focusing singularly on accomplishing them. As I continue to get stronger in body, my vision becomes more focused and my resolve undeterred.

            I have always been a very physical person, in both organized sports and my daily leisure life. I don’t think the words, “I can’t” exist in my vocabulary when it comes to virtually any physical challenge. In fact, the more impossible the task, the more determined I become. Women’s Bootcamp promotes this can-do attitude with a dose of encouragement for its older population as we “get our sexy back” and continue on our journey to health and fitness.     


Yvette de Ryk


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