Taylor Smith, 18

About This Project

Being an Army wife, a mom, and a student is not easy and often will put you under a lot of stress. Throughout the years I have always maintained an average weight, and when I had my daughter the weight seemed to just stick with me and would not go away.


Finally, I decided to get to the weight I had always dreamed of. So, I figured what a better way to do that then to join a kickboxing class. I was on the computer searching and Joe’s pages kept popping up for the best in the Springs.


After talking with a few other Kickboxing classes, I decided to give Joe’s program a try. Not only was he voted the Best in the Springs, but he had many success stories on his website.


I started the class in November 2013 and I am proud to say that I am still attending in February 2014.


Even though it has only been a couple months I have seen so many changes in my body. Especially within the first week or so. My shirts that I wore before I had my daughter were starting to fit again and my pants started getting looser and looser. I could see more definition in my arms and legs also.>If you are trying to lose weight I would highly recommend you give this class a try. It is not like all the other gym memberships or kickboxing classes, here at Joe’s boot camp, they are personal trainers who take the time in asking you what you would like to accomplish and what you would like to work on that day.


They really plan their classes on what your goals are. The women in the classes are so nice and make you feel very comfortable. Another great thing is its an all women class and there are women from all different age groups and Joe works with everyone to their fitness levels.



If you want to get in shape and haven’t gave this class a try, I suggest you call Joe and get a spot!


Taylor Smith, 18

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