Susan Stegman, 40

About This Project

“My Wardrobe has Doubled!”

"I lost 37 pounds since starting my boot camp program in June. My wardrobe has doubled! I am no longer wearing my fat jeans. I was able to put on a pair of jeans I had bought over 2 years ago and zip them up - without "sucking it in" and laying on the bed.
I not longer have to hid in my husband’s T-shirts, or under any type of baggy clothing. I have lost over 4% body fat, 10.8 pounds of fat and 10.5 inches all over (2 inches in my waist alone) in 28 days. And the best part was, it was not hard! 


I simply followed the meal plans Joe provided and attended my workouts. Let me tell you, the workouts are wonderful! I have not repeated a single workout, every one was different. The meal plans are also wonderful.


They were flexible and allowed for substitutions and are easy to follow. My energy level has sky rocketed. I can keep up with my two girls now!  I also ran my first 5k over Halloween and have signed up for another one over Thanksgiving. The biggest differences I have noticed were in my energy levels and my knees don’t hurt anymore. I feel 10 years younger!”


Colorado Springs, CO.

"busy moms and working professionals"