Shebli Huston

About This Project

"This Was Exactly What I Needed to Jump Start My Fitness Goals!"


After having my second baby, my body was not bouncing back like it had previously done. I was tired, self conscience and unmotivated.


About 6 weeks after my son was born, I came across Joe’s Women Only Boot Camp. It was exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness goals. I fell in love with the program. The workouts were never the same and I was feeling better than ever. After only 1 month, I was down a pants size and I was energized and motivated to keep going. 

I transitioned into another class offered by Joe and his team called Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing (UFK). The workouts continued to be challenging and always changing, not to mention fun! After only 4 weeks of UFK, I was in my favorite pair of jeans again, which I wore before my first pregnancy.
My body was more toned than before I got pregnant and the inches just kept coming off. I am no longer tired, self conscience or unmotivated. I feel empowered – like I could do anything! I ran my first 5k obstacle course because of these classes. 5 months later I’m still doing UFK and still improving all the time. I haven’t even plateaued!


As a stay-at-home mommy, this is exactly what I needed. I look forward to each and every workout with Joe and his team. It keeps me energized and in great shape to keep up with my kids. Most importantly, I feel like me again!



Shebli Huston
Colorado Springs, CO.

"busy moms and working professionals"