Pam M

About This Project

“I Feel and Look Better than Before I Had my Kids!”

“I was a 43-year old mother of 3. I was soft, tired, and felt…dumpy. I was running and lifting on my own, but was not seeing any changes in my body or my energy level.  I was getting nowhere in my workouts and needed a boost. It was time to make myself a higher priority in my life.

Joe taught me how to workout for maximum

efficiency. He made sure I was lifting with correct form and how to do the exercises correctly (I had been doing almost every one wrong).


He instructed me on proper nutrition. I soon started to see and feel REAL RESULTS…those sculpted arms started to show!  My body fat has dropped from 25% to 14.5%and I have lost 4 sizes.I am now 45 years old and look and feel better than before I had my kids!


Pam M. 45, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"busy moms and working professionals"