Nikki Reichert

About This Project

I’m 34 years old.  I have two boys, a one year old and a four year old.  After having my second baby loosing the excess weight around my waist and thighs seemed impossible.

I’m a member of an expensive gym, I took classes, I saw a trainer and I ran at least 15 miles a week.  All that alone should have dropped the pounds…at least I thought.  It didn’t.  I was frustrated.  I wanted to fit back into my old clothes.  

"I called Joe and have trusted his program to transform my body. I’m in my size 25 waist / size 0 jeans! I’m now going back through those clothes I thought I’d never fit in again. I wear short, sleeveless shirts because my arms are tone and the muffin-top is gone.


I’m busy.  I have a desk job.  I have kids that need a lot of attention.  I have crazy sleepless nights with a teething baby.  If I can do this you can too.  Seriously, every minute of my day is busy so this is not impossible.

"If you want it bad enough, go see Joe and write your own success story!

Nikki Reichert, 34

Colorado Springs, CO

"busy moms and working professionals"