LaJean Hertel

About This Project

“I lost 116 lbs.!”

 I have struggled with my weight since elementary school and several times over the years have lost a significant amount pounds only to gain them back… and more.  Now at 47, my life is so awesome but my weight was ruining everything.  My doctor refused my surgery request and instead suggested that I find a partner, find a personal trainer to hold me accountable every week.

My husband was overweight as well but I had never before included him on my diet efforts as I was just too embarrassed. Broken, I asked him to be my partner and gratefully, he agreed to train with me. Joe’s name was the first to come up in my search. Joe was a true God-send.


He insisted that the nutrition would be the biggest factor toward permanent weight loss.  To that we added 30-minutes of in-home personal training three times a week.  While I thought I was an expert on weight loss, I now realize how ignorant I was about true health and fitness.  What has happened the last 11 months can only be called a miracle.  I have lost 116 pounds (over 62 inches). But more important than the weight loss and the perks that come with being thinner, has been the freedom to choose supportive food and movement, as well as having renewed health.

Gone are the addictions to sugar, diet soda, fatty and processed foods.  Gone is high cholesterol and being unable to walk or go up stairs without pain.  I felt crappy for so long I didn’t even know what feeling good was like…and I still marvel at how good I feel. The food changes made an incredible difference in my menopause symptoms, depression and moodiness, and clear thinking.


I have stayed on my meal plan over holidays, vacations and company. It is possible! And it is amazing how empowering it is! I am so grateful that God -through my doctor, my husband and Joe- has rescued and transformed me just in time. We plan to continue to use his custom meal plan and web food log, to meet with Joe monthly to weigh, measure and discuss issues but he has equipped us to finish this journey.


  I would have settled for being thin…and I would have missed the great benefit of good health for both of us and the great joy of having Mark as my partner in it.”

LaJean Hertel
Monument, Colorado

"busy moms and working professionals"