Kristin Kauffman, 31

About This Project

“I feel healthy, energized and excited to wear a bikini again!” 


“I’ve never been a big girl, but after having my daughter, who is now 6, I never lost the final 12-15 pounds I wanted to lose. I wanted to work out and finally get off the last of the baby weight. I went to the gym all the time but never lost it.


This program was intense but it was also so inspiring! It’s totally unlike any other workout I’ve done before. There are no boring treadmills or complicated moves to try to remember like other fitness classes. I’m never bored with the workouts and I feel challenged every time I am in there.  I feel so motivated.  Not only that but I was given several meal plans to help with my diet.  If I had any struggles I could come to Joe and he was always more than willing to help.


I have now been in the program for several months and am in the best shape of my life! I get so many compliments all the time and people ask me “what do you do?”  That is a true testament that this fitness program is working because not only am I seeing results, but so are others.  I feel so good about myself.


I feel healthy, energized and excited to wear a bikini again.  I am down the weight and have improved my overall tone and shape.  This was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Kristin Kauffman, 31
Colorado Springs, CO.

"busy moms and working professionals"