Kathy Mau

About This Project


“I used to where smash-me-in shirts (aka “Spanks”) to stop the ‘muffin-top’ from bulging over  the waist of my jeans.  I love that I don’t need that extra layer just to ‘hold me in’ anymore. I feel comfortable in skirts and dresses, too!  Haven’t done that in more than 7 years – I have fluctuated to many sizes over the years – anywhere from a 12 down to 4’s (depending on brand-names!) I am happy to say that I am a happy 6-8 right now.


Thankfully, this work-out routine is demanding, but so rewarding. Our personal trainers are concerned, helpful, honest; very easy to relate to and ask questions. I really have to say that finding Women’s Boot Camp Fitness while Googling fitness classes has been the find of a lifetime for me!With all of the options out there, I found the perfect fit; it’s tough, but life is really rough when you don’t do it!  I am very passionate about Women’s Boot Camp Fitness.”


Kathy Mau, 49
Colorado Springs, Colorado

40 and Over