Kate Jonuska

About This Project

I was no longer afraid

Like any woman who has battled her weight or had body-image issues, I’ve never been a fan of being photographed, and such shyness and fear in front of a camera is a big, scary issue for a bride. Lucky for me, I began to take Bootcamp before my wedding. As my big day approached, I saw the results I hoped for materialize: I lost 12 pounds, inches from all over my body and went from a size 12 to a size 8. All that was fabulous, of course, and I’m very proud. However, I can say that the best thing that I took away from my bootcamp experience as a bride was that, on my wedding day, I was no longer afraid of the camera.


I felt comfortable in my skin and comfortable in my dress, without nagging doubts about my appearance stressing me out. I was able to focus more on my beloved husband than whether I would look good in the photographs. Having challenged myself with something as strenuous as bootcamp — with those feelings of strength and accomplishment in my heart — the challenge of having my picture taken is nothing.


Bring it on! I am truly indebted to Joe and his incredibly motivating bootcamp workouts not only for a stress-free and beautiful wedding day, but for giving me the exercise and nutrition knowledge that will allow me to have a long, happy and healthy life with my new hubby. Thanks, Joe!

Kate Jonuska