Karen Rupprecht

About This Project

“I had reached my weight goal and was comfortable wearing a bikini in Mexico!”


I have always been an active person, running, hiking, biking and going to the gym for spinning and weights. Even with all that activity I continued to struggle with losing the last 10-15 lbs of my weight loss goal.!

In January of 2011 I suddenly was afflicted with a medical condition that greatly impeded my physical abilities temporarily. I lost my stamina, muscle tone and strength. After about 8 months I decided I needed to get back what was taken from me. I realized that going back to the gym was not going to get me to the level I needed to be at and started to research local boot camps. There was one web site that looked interesting and after reading the testimonials I called Joe.


In October 2011 I started my first session. I was pretty defeated because I was unable to perform at the pre-condition level was use to. It probably took me 9-12 classes before I realized I was not going to die but that I was actually getting better!


A few months later, I had reached my weight goal and was comfortable wearing a bikini in Mexico! I continue to attend classes because it helps to keep me at a fitness level I am comfortable with. An added bonus is the camaraderie and friendships I have created. It’s a great group of woman, who continually lift me up.



Joe puts on a great program that encompasses all major body groups, working on flexibility, strength, and cardio. Joe and his team keep me from getting bored, always pushing me and help to decrease chances of injury. It’s become a great part of my life!



Karen Rupprecht
Colorado Springs, CO. 

"busy moms and working professionals"