Shelley Loftis

About This Project

In November 2013 I began working out with Joe at Women’s Boot Camp, refusing to let my post-divorce 15 lb. gain increase anymore. As a single mother of 2 with 2 jobs finding time to add more exercise and occasionally childcare was tiring but my health was worth it!


Joe’s program gave me the instant gratification I wanted. My energy increased ten-fold within about a week and I could see my body changing in just 2-3 weeks.
Just shy of 6 weeks at Women’s Boot Camp I was down 10 lbs, lost 5% body fat and was doing things at class I never thought possible. Joe’s positive reinforcement, attention to detail, knowledge of the body and charisma make every workout fun…not dreaded!
For the first time in years I am beginning to love the way I look but most importantly I love the way I feel
when I leave, as I’m sure my 2 small children also love my mood when I come home. He listens to what you tell him and has not once used a drill sergeant style of teaching, which I think a lot of women are afraid of. His variety and dedication to what he does makes him tops!


The way I felt and the energy Joe and his team provided quickly gave me reason to find time to go, not excuses, and I began going up to 4 times each week.

My tight clothes are beginning to get baggy and I feel amazing! I did it for me, but I can’t say the high number of compliments have hurt this girl’s self-esteem either!
Joe helped me find health and happiness again and I know he can do the same for you!


Shelley Loftis
Colorado Springs

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