Helen Robinson

About This Project



I’ve worked in the wedding industry for years, and my number 1 tip is this: don’t spend your money on an expensive dress to hide your flaws. Invest in a trainer who’ll help you get rid of those flaws altogether.


If you’re in shape, you’ll look fantastic no matter what you wear. Bonus: you’ll look fantastic every day, not just at your wedding.


The first time I really got in shape was after I’d had two kids. I felt great and looked better than I ever thought possible. Then I got pregnant again, and had the kind of complications that make doctors say No Gym For You. When you’re in your late 30s and you’ve just had baby #3, it’s not easy to feel optimistic about bouncing back.


Adding to the pressure — I knew we’d probably get married sometime in the summer, and I did not want to look like I’d just had a baby. So that’s where Joe came in. I needed someone to push me further than I would go by myself, and to come up with a program that would hit all the problem areas safely, and fast. I needed someone who wasn’t going to waste my time wandering around a gym with a clipboard and no real plan. I wanted to feel strong again and look good again, and I wanted to stay that way.


I also didn’t have the time to get to a gym every day, or the desire to leave our baby in a gym daycare while I worked out, so having Joe train us in our own home was perfect.


Our wedding took place 16 weeks after our baby was born. I’d been training with Joe for just eight weeks, and I fit back into my pre-baby clothes. It was easy to find a wedding dress that worked, and to relax on our wedding day knowing that I looked like myself again. Being fit and healthy and energetic again is a great feeling. Another great feeling: knowing it’s going to last.


I’ll keep saying Get A Great Trainer to anyone who’ll listen. Looking good for your wedding is an excellent motivator, and by working with a trainer to cement good habits, you can really make the benefits last. It’s worth it to look good in everything, not just a wedding dress.


Helen Robinson
Colorado Springs, CO