Gina di napoli-davis

About This Project

“I Will Never Forget the Smile on My Husband’s Face When He Returned from Deployment”


If you are a military spouse, you know that no matter how many deployments you go through, they never get any easier. When my husband gave me the news he was deploying again, I started getting very anxious and stressed. As the date of the deployment approached, I had dizzy spells and my body weight was fluctuating a lot and I became increasingly unhappy with my body figure.


The amount of pressure I felt once my husband deployed was almost unbearable. You also know that you cannot show your weaknesses to your spouse and children and soon enough you feel pretty exhausted trying to be everyone’s “wonder woman.” Every military spouse and busy mom knows how exhausting it can be trying to get the work of two done every day, never taking time for yourself.


I had reached that point in which I was so stressed that it was taking a toll on my health, tears were just flowing down no matter where I was, but never in front of the kids…and the reflection I was seeing in the mirror almost disgusted me. At some point, I realized that I needed to do something about the way I was feeling but I figured I didn’t have time to add yet another activity to my already busy day of a full-time college student and mother. However, I pushed myself to at least try by setting small goals.


My first goal was to get in shape, not only to change what I was seeing in the mirror, but also to surprise my husband once I would see him again. I don’t like sports and I find the gym too boring and, thus, can never stick to a routine. 

I needed something that would allow me to relieve stress while enjoying myself. When I read about Joe’s kickboxing classes, I thought that was worth a try. Who knew that I would soon enough become so addicted to it that I would be willing to wake up at 5:00 am just to fit it into my busy day! Not only was working out and punching the heavy bag and dummy helping to reduce my stress level, but the camaraderie that was formed among a few amazing women became very motivating.



We cheer on, push, and support each one another because we truly want to see each other succeed. The changes I observed also helped me to stay motivated.

I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I noticed changes in my body figure as I became more slender, toned, and fit overall. I slowly started looking in the mirror at an image that wasn’t disgusting me anymore. I was happy with what I saw. My body weight finally stabilized and the episodes of dizziness disappeared. In general, even if I was completely exhausted, I strangely felt good every time I went home after my workout session.



It was knowing that I would feel better, I would look better, and I would release all my frustrations that kept me going and, after ten months, the workouts are still motivating me to get up early in the morning. My husband’s deployment is coming to an end and I can’t wait to see what he thinks of my new body. He already had a sneak peak during the last R&R … I will never forget the smile on my Husband’s face as we were finally walking into each other’s arms, his big hug, and then the whispered “you’ve got muscles” 😉

Thank you Joe and all my amazing workout buddies!


Gina Di Napoli-Davis
Colorado Springs, CO.

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