Feli Camp

About This Project

” I was Amazed at How Quickly my Strenth Increased!”


Due to circumstances in my life, I became quite the couch potato the end of 2008 and into 2009 gaining weight and slowly losing the battle against gravity. I needed to do something about the problem and signed up for Women’s boot camp fitness.  I was amazed, after only 2 weeks, at how quickly my strength increased not only for the classes and doing the exercises but also in my day to day life when it came to moving or lifting items.


Even when I was in my 30’s, I didn’t think I could do the type of the exercises I am doing now. I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. The pounds and inches started dropping away and my energy levels have gone through the roof.

In just 12 weeks I’ve lost over 10 inches and almost 20 pounds. I’m down to a size 6/8 from a 10/12. My sugar cravings are gone, which is amazing, considering I am a chocoholic.




My ability to deal with stress on a daily basis has improved and my attitude about life in general is much more positive. 

The comments from friends range from calling me "skinny" 🙂 to "Wow, you look amazing!" My daughter, who is 17 and very small, told me I am not allowed to wear her jeans - the good news is I can get them on!


This experience taught me that I can keep myself in shape for the rest of my life and never feel dumpy or fat again. I’ve done aerobics in the past, weight training, all kinds of programs and nothing gives you the results as fast as this program.” Signing up for boot camp and Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing are the best decisions I have made in the last few years.”



Feli Camp, 57
Colorado Springs, Colorado

40 and Over