Erica Martinez

About This Project



“I have a two and a half year old and five month old child. Due to being a stay at home mom, I wasn’t able to burn off the weight from my first child before I became pregnant with my second one, leading me to feel very uncomfortable with my self-image. So, after having my second child, I decided to enroll in Women’s Boot Camp Fitness with Joe Ramirez.


I lost 10 lbs and 4 sizes in 6 weeks! I have not been this size since before having my two and a half year old.


I now have more energy and more confidence resulting in a better self esteem. I leave from each class feeling empowered and closer to my weight loss goal. It feels amazing knowing I am going to get there soon.


My family and friends have already been asking me “What have you been doing to lose weight?” and telling me how amazing I look.


It makes me feel really good about my self image because others are seeing a change in what I have been doing. A big thanks to Joe and his team for the motivation!


Erica Martinez

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