Christy Sanchez

About This Project

“It Felt Great to Finally See Definition in my Arms!”


My wedding was quickly approaching (3 months) and my usual workout routine was not getting me any closer to my goals. My usual workouts consisted of running 2 miles 4-5 times a week and my goals were to lose 10 pounds, tone up my body, and have my dress altered in.

Between full-time work, full-time school, and preparing for my wedding I ran as much as I could but some days I felt I wasn’t pushing myself to run my hardest or some days I decided my busy schedule did not have room for a run that day.
  I did not feel on track with my goals and holding myself 100% accountable to reach my goals was stressing me out more than before.I considered joining a gym but asked myself, “Why waste more time, not to mention money, knowing that I would be facing the same accountability issues and how will I know what workouts will most benefit my body and goals?” I was stumped and knew I needed a major change.  I immediately started researching boot camps in Colorado Springs. That is when I came across Women’s Bootcamp Fitness.  I read through the success stories, their class schedule, and then I saw their awards for “Best of the Springs”- I was sold. I emailed Joe to discuss my complications with reaching my goals and see if he felt like I could succeed at Women’s Fitness Bootcamp. He told me we could absolutely reach my goals- I was ecstatic!

The workouts were certainly tough and sweaty but I was able to keep pushing with the support of the trainers and the other women of the class.

The accomplishment I felt after each workout kept me coming back for more, every time I left I felt a step closer to my goal and before I knew it I could see the results coming in. It felt great to finally see definition in my arms and hear friends tell me I needed to buy new jeans because the old ones no longer fit me.
  I didn’t have to plan out my workout routines because the trainers already had it set up for me, I just had to show up ready to go. Joe and the other trainers were so encouraging, I felt they truly wanted me to succeed and would help in every way possible, from ensuring I was working the right techniques at the right pace to providing me with a diet plan fit for my goals.

I went in for my dress fitting a month and a half after starting at Women’s Bootcamp Fitness. I had to get the dress taken in from the thighs up, but I could not have been more excited!  When I started I weighed 142 pounds, the night before my wedding I weighed 128 pounds. I had a support team to keep me focused, trainers to keep me consistent, and sweat-dripping workouts that I knew I could not fail!


Christy Sanchez
Colorado Springs, CO