Candi Boooks, 50

About This Project

Me boxing? I am over fifty, a grandmother, never hit anyone in my life and was quite sure that boxing for someone other than me. I did’nt even care that much to see it on television. Boy, was I wrong. Joe’s boxing workouts have been tremendous.


It is a great workout and there is something about putting on the gloves and hitting a heavy bag or a punching dummy that really gets the stress out of your system. Exercise is big part of losing weight and keeping fit. I struggled to actually make any progress until I found an exercise routine that I enjoyed. The boxing workouts have been an absolute blast. I have lost over 9% body fat and 19 lbs. in 12 weeks. I continue to work toward my goal with Joe’s boxing and boot camp workouts. I can’t say that I enjoy watching boxing on TV still, but I do enjoy the rigorous boxing sessions.


Give boxing a try and you might find just like me, that it is fun to hit something.”

Candy Boooks, 50
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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