Amber Gallegos

About This Project

“This has been a great experience for the Gallegos Family!”


“They always say losing weight after your second baby is harder than your first and I definitely agree. I was still struggling on losing the last 10 pounds from my first pregancy. I was always too tired to get up early to exercise and was ready to crash when the girls went to bed at 8 pm.


We had tried the gym with the kid care in the past with moderate success. I would get on a roll, then one of the kids would get sick or have that eternal runny nose all winter. Both girls went through that “seperation anxiety” stage and I would just get started on the treadmill and an employee would come and get me after the “10-minute “crying rule”. 

My husband started looking online for some exercise options for me and that is when he found Norhgate Fitness that brings a personal trainer to your home.

Not only does Joe come to your house, but he provides results with a 30-minute workout 2 - 3 times a week. It is a great concept that has worked so well for our family and daily routine. Joe also worked with me on my daily nutrition. I thought I was doing okay, but discovered I developed some bad snacking habits.
I felt pudgy, tired, and rundown. With Joe’s help, my energy levels were steady throughout the day versus having the highs and lows and being so tired at night…what a difference!

After just a couple of months, I have eight different people come up to me asking, “Have you lost weight?” “You are looking great! Are you working out?” and “You look really healthy, what have you been doing?” It is so nice to hear those compliments from neighbors, friends, and from the other moms at my daughter’s pre-school.

My energy is up, my clothes fit so much better, my stomach isn’t hanging over my jeans anymore and I feel a lot healthier.Plus, there is one unexpected benefit – when mom starts better eating habits, the whole family has to as well. It has been a great experience for the Gallegos family. 



Amber Gallegos
Monument, Colorado

"busy moms and working professionals"