Allie Golden

About This Project

“When I look in the mirror now, I have confidence.”


Every time I put on a shirt there is no more pouch popping out, my stomach is flatter and my legs are more toned.  I get compliments all the time on how fit I look. When I look in the mirror now, I have confidence.  Having your clothes fit nicely and not so snug that you can’t breathe is such a great feeling.

I feel beautiful inside and out. I even feel like I have the will power and strength to do a half marathon this June. Since I graduated from high school I have always loved fitness and the way it made me feel. I could not imagine my life without it, until something happened.
  My mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer in the end of November 2011.  I was totally heartbroken.  I began to worry less about myself and more about her.  I didn’t work out like I once did and focused all my attention on assisting her and trying to help her overcome this huge obstacle. September of this year she lost the battle.  As everyone says when you lose something so important to you, you have to try to get your life back to normal.  I had tried to go to the gym like I once did but it was so hard for me to focus when I was working by myself.  My thoughts would always trail away from fitness and back to the loss of my mom.
I was in a rut, until I saw Joe’s Women only Boot camp! Joe’s Boot camp was totally great. You are in a room with women that all have the same goal and personal trainers that really cares. Joe has pushed me to achieve my goals by providing me with nutrition plans and putting me through fast paced workouts that are never boring. I sweat, I work, and I have fun! I could not imagine where I would be now without his boot camp.
  Yes I’m still sad about my mom, but with boot camp I have gotten my groove back and I am passionate about fitness again. She would be proud of the goals that I have achieved with this program.  I am eating better, have a lot more energy, and am more toned. I’ve met some great women and wonderful trainers who truly care. Most importantly I’m happier.


Allie golden
Colorado Springs, CO.

"busy moms and working professionals"