Couples Fitness Training – Colorado Springs

Experience my NEW 6-Week transformation program that will challenge you beyond your perceived limitations. You will experience hard-hitting punching and kickboxing combinations, intense cardio drills and total body toning. My exclusive couples fitness challenge is unparalleled and will help you lose 20 lbs or more and get you ready for Summer!

I’ll Give You the Motivation to Succeed!

One of the biggest problems with some group fitness classes is exercise boredom. You won’t get bored and won’t want to quit with my exciting and empowering blend of ever-changing fitness routines!


I’ll keep you motivated during your quest to achieve your fitness goals by incorporating plenty of variety in your fitness program.  It’s much more difficult to skip your workout when you know you’ll have an absolute blast working out!

The Fastest Way to Your Fitness Results!

I know from experience that nothing motivates you faster than results you can see and feel!

Here’s why program works so well…

I combine the science muscle confusion and high intensity interval training with a perfectly women combination of super-fast, hard-hitting punching and kickboxing drills. This energetic and motivating group personal training workout is strategically varied so you never get bored and continue to make progress week after week.

Warning: This high-energy co-ed fitness program is limited to the first 12 participants who register.
Call Joe @ 719-229-2639 for more information while openings are still available!

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