28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula

Do These Sound Familiar?

                  1. Are your favorite pair of jeans starting to feel too snug around the waist?



                • Are you tired of wearing big clothes to hide your stomach because you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror?



                • Are you tired of feeling lethargic, unhealthy and out of shape?



Imagine how you’ll feel when you lose 2-3 inches off your waist and hips and fit into your favorite clothes – in just 28 days!

If your goal is to FINALLY shrink your waist, lose stubborn belly fat, tone and flatten your abs to get the flat, tight sexy waistline you deserve, then read on because this will be the most important web page you’ll ever visit!  Imagine how it would FEEL to lose 1-3 inches around your waist and hips allowing you to get into your favorite clothes in only 28 days!   Envision how it would feel having your friends so AMAZED by your 28-Day transformation they jealously ask you…“What’s your secret?” You might just find complete strangers watching you in the grocery store to see what you’re buying because they want to know what you eat to look so amazing.  Now, I know the28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula may sound too good to be true (it’s not and I’ll prove it).

How My 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula Works:

shrink your waist

lose stubborn belly fat, hiding your abs

Tone and flatten your abs to get the flat

Get a tight, sexy waistline you deserve

No boring crunches or sit-ups (which can be hard on your back)

complete done-for-you meal plan crafted to help you increase your metabolism & burn fat

burn 800 to 1,000 calories in each fun & motivating session


Guaranteed  to torch body fat and repair your metabolism revealing lean, sexy curves in your waist, hips, arms and thighs.

If are serious about losing that stubborn, hard-to-lose belly fat – particularly around the stomach, waist, hips and thighs, this will be the the most important webpage you will read this year.

Why does my program work so well?  I discovered a BETTER way to get you the fat loss and full body toning results you crave – visible and lasting fat loss results in only 28 days!

My 28-Day Flat Belly Formula is the perfect mix to fight fat:

Powerful fat-loss and toning workouts based on the science of high-intensity interval training

The science of muscle confusion and incorporates high energy fat-melting cardio intervals along with the best toning, core and ab exercises ever developed

A safe and registered dietician designed and approved done-for-you “Flat Belly” meal plan system


With boring fitness programs and yo-yo diets that don’t work…

I make meals easy for you with delicious plans, full of healthy portions.

There is NO calorie counting and no special diet foods to buy. I’m even going to give you an easy-to-follow grocery shopping list and all the delicious recipes you need for your fat-melting meal plans.

NO Counting Calories

NO Boring, tastless menus

NO Special Diet Foods to Buy

NO Dangerous Supplements to Buy (or have to remember to consume)

NO Complicated Recipes

NO a “get skinny fast” gimmick or a starvation diet tricks

It’s that simple…Plus you’ll get exclusive bonuses…

I’m even going to include a “Flat Belly” grocery shopping list ($29 value) and my 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula Nutrition Guide ($99 value) to help make your meals easy and enjoyable.  It all adds up to a recipe for your success!

I don’t stop there – my formula is designed to give you the support you need for guaranteed success!

Discover proven fitness & nutritional strategies that work!

Accountability & Emotional Support - Together, we'll set an aggressive and realistic goal and I'll personally hold you accountable (and celebrate each ``win`` along the way).

Professional Guidance - You'll have the professional coaching and benefits of having an award winning and in-demand personal trainer without the high cost of one-on-one training.

Variety - In most fitness programs you'll get bored just after a few workouts. You won't get bored with my constantly varied and fun, ever-changing fitness routines.

A Proven Meal Plan - You'll discover how easy it is to eat healthy, nutritious and tasty food - and kill sugar cravings - once and for all!

Here’s The real SECRET to my “Flat Belly” Formula:

ALL workouts are different – based on the science of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and science of “muscle confusion”

Uses the best core conditioning and toning and firming exercises from my award winning boxing program

Combined with a proven “Flat Belly” Nutrition plan

In this exclusive body transformation program, I’ll focus on the components essential for your success most personal trainers and other weight loss programs refuse or are unable to address.


Discover the specific exercise cominations that will help you MELT OFF the pounds FAST and why some exercises are a complete waste of time (and are practically destroying your ability to lose fat).

Shut Down Your Fat Hormones. Because my workouts are fast and powerful, you’ll reduce the stress on your body so you’ll stop storing fat, especially in your belly, hips and thighs.

Save time! My award winning workouts blend the most powerful toning exercises, fat-burning cardio, the best abs and core exercises into one results-driven workout…so you can get results in half the time compared to other popular methods of working out.

Get all the benefits of fat melting cardio without spending endless hours of long, boring cardio sessions at the gym.

The workouts will be challenging, yet fun, even hard at times – but never impossible…and you’ll always have the professional guidance, motivation and accountability from me and my team and of course, the support from the rest of the women in the group.

Imagine that, a sexy midsection and a flat belly without doing traditional ab exercises and boring crunches that can be hard on your back. At the end of the 28th day, you should see a fat loss of 10-12 pounds, and a flatter, more defined midsection!

In fact, you’ll most likely drop a dress size (or two)!

I’m going to personally show you how many inches and pounds of stubborn body fat you’ve lost at the end of the program.

My 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula WILL work for you regardless if your age or fitness level and regardless if you tried everything else before and failed and is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s the over-the-top value you’ll receive…

The 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula Includes:

 Fitness Assessment and comprehensive body composition report ($75 value)

 A complete done-for-you UNLIMITED group personal training sessions per week ($199 value)

28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula Nutrition Guide ($99 value)

“Flat Belly” grocery list ($29 value)

 Unlimited coaching support (priceless)

My 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of my 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula program after 28 days then I’ll give you all of your money back!

a $400+ value for only $149!

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You’ll be amazed how rapidly you’ll see results!  

so, what are you waiting for? get started!

The 28-Day “Flat Belly” Formula starts soon!

Don’t wait till its too late to register

Now typically, my group training clients pay $250/month (or more) to train with me to get the life changing results this program can give you  in only 28 days!

But since this is going to be the first time (beta group) that I try out this NEW program on “non-clients” I’m only going to only charge $149 bucks for the ENTIRE 28-Day flat belly fitness and nutrition program ($497 value).

Because this price is such a good value, it will most likely sell out fast, so don’t wait too long and miss out on the flat belly results you deserve!

But there’s one small catch to all this…

I’m only taking on 22 motivated ladies for the beta test group because I want to be sure that I can give each individual participant plenty of attention to get the amazing results they deserve.

To qualify for this program, you must be a new client and have not participated in my program before and have a significant amount of belly fat to lose.

You have to be serious about getting in shape and want to burn fat fast and achieve a better looking mid section in only 28 days, and not afraid of a little hard work and can put in 3-4 days per week for just 28 days.

To lock in one of the remaining 22 spots available just let me know that you want in on this amazing program and call me to register while openings last!

If you are selected, this is my promise to you – I GUARANTEE you will have a tighter, leaner stomach in only 28-Days or you’re entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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